If you want to lose pounds before arrival of summer? These fifty tips will help you along the way.

We all know that to lose weight you need to exercise more and eat less – but the question is, how?

Research indicates that there are dozens of tricks when it comes to dropping pounds.

  1. Starting with acupuncture that helps you lose an additional 10 pounds in three months, and why carrot juice should be part of any daily slimmer diet, try some of these tips to get you back in shape in time for the summer …

2. Take calcium supplements. You will lose 2.6% more fat than people who do not.

Calcium provides small increases in basal body temperature. This boosts metabolism, which causes our bodies to burn more fat.

3. Red meat can help you lose weight. It contains many proteins that help you maintain muscle mass – and burn muscle four times as many calories as fat.

Red meat may not be available to everyone, but protein is very beneficial for shape seeker.

4. People who have acupuncture once a week lose an additional 4.5 kilograms (10 lbs) in three months.

It is believed that applying needles to pressure points leads to electrical impulses that prevent appetite.

5. Sprinkle cinnamon in the milk daily to burn fat. Half a teaspoon per day is enough to burn an extra kilo per month.

6. Take a lunch break from your office. You will consume 250 fewer calories in a day than those who eat while on the job.

7. Laugh. Good strong laughter for 10-15 minutes a day increases your weekly energy consumption by up to 280 calories.

8. Cup of carrot juice a day will help you lose 4 pounds over 12 weeks. The juice is rich in fiber and nutrients that help burn fat.

9. To burn more calories, listen to the music at your pace during exercise. It will help you to prevent fatigue.

10. Do not exercise alone. Train with friends and you’ll lose your weight three times more than if you went on your own.

You will maintain motivation by socializing and taking advantage of mutual encouragement

11. Eat red pepper. It contains capsaicin, and the chemical that gives it its distinctive taste. It also enhances your resting metabolic rate by 25%.

12. Control breathing for two minutes, focusing on your diaphragm, will relieve hunger pangs.

13. Eat three protein-rich snacks at 250 calories daily between meals – for example chicken breast slices, or 185 g tuna in spring water with low-fat mayonnaise on crunchy bread. Those who do this are 30% more likely to lose weight.

14. Turn off the TV while eating meals. Distraction of the telly delays the point at which it stops eating. In one year, this habit can lose the half stone elimination.

15. Drizzle over some soy sauce to shed pounds. Research shows that soy proteins interact with receptors in our brains that tell us that we are full.

 16. Slice the food slowly to consume 20% of calories. It’s effective because it’s an eye-trick – people divide meals into slices 27% larger than equal amounts of whole vegetables, and hence less pile-to-plate ratio.

17. Hit in a treadmill. The exercise machine is the best tool in the gym to burn most calories in the shortest time.

18. Eat a vitamin-rich watermelon followed by protein-rich eggs for the perfect breakfast. Eggs until the carbohydrates in the melon collapse.

19. A daily cup of red wine can prevent you from applying fat, especially around your stomach. Resveratrol found in grapes prevents the development of fat cells that develop around your waist.

20. Listen to Classic FM. By listening to calming music while eating, you will consume less because you will chew more quickly and be more in tune with your body. Because of this, you will likely stop eating when you are full.

 21. Chew sugar-free gum for 15 minutes after eating, and again after two hours, to reduce cravings for a snack.

22. Have more sex. As well as burning 150 calories every 20 minutes, it boosts a hormone that increases your metabolism and lean muscle growth.

23. Eat pomegranate. Their seed oil reduces the body’s ability to store fat, and is also very sweet, as it limits your craving for sugary snacks.

24. Shoot the BBQ to burn calories in your meat. The barbecue grill allows you to escape from extra fats while cooking.

25. Sip green tea. It contains a complex that reacts with caffeine to increase fat oxidation and restore metabolism by approximately 20%.

26. Eat with chilli con carne once a week. Bean enzyme tells the body to break down stored fat rather than carbohydrates for energy, while minced meat promotes metabolism.

27. Choose spinach before other greens. It bundles weak fibers, which helps the body process the fat you eat

 28. Swap regular cheese for goat’s cheese. It contains 40% of calories compared to cheese made from cow’s milk.

29. Add lentils to each meal to lose more then 15 pounds in 10 weeks. Legumes are packed with leucine amino acids, which burn fat quickly.

30. Eat “good” fats. Eggs, nuts, and rapeseed oil are good for this, and help reduce the risk of heart disease.

31. Drink juice with “bits” in it. Extra fibers help make you feel full longer.

 32. Eat breakfast. Those who fail to start the metabolism with the first meal usually take 100 extra calories a day.

33. Take a borage seed oil capsule daily – pressed from starflower seeds – to stay slim. A study found that 80% of people said it helped them lose weight.

34. Eat an apple 15 minutes before a meal. You will consume an average calorie less than 187 if you do.

35. Put a little olive oil on the salad. “Good” fatty acids lead to a protein that tells your body is full, to prevent you from overeating.

36. Putting tomatoes in your sandwiches will keep you feeling longer for longer. Fruit inhibits the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for hunger pangs.

37. Leave a maximum of three hours between meals. This ensures that the metabolic rate does not fluctuate.

38. Eat pineapple. It’s not just a great snack to stimulate your metabolism, it contains bromelain that helps break down protein.

39. Eat bread with lupine seeds. It is especially high in fiber, so it will keep your saturation feeling longer.

40. Add a few calves of vinegar or vinegar daily to salads and sauces.

41. Eating with others. Research indicates that people tend to match their food with their eating partner. Eating with a friend should mean a 35% decrease in calories.

42. If you don’t grow, walk or swim, don’t eat it. Processed foods can be loaded with unhealthy fats and artificial sweeteners.

43. Take accompanying linoleic acid capsules every day. These acids, which are found in red meat and dairy products, help slow the growth of fat cells, so you lose 9% of the fat per year.

44. Avoid energy drinks. Their energy is released very quickly.

45. Replace whole milk in tea with cereal.

46. Skimmed milk not only contains half of the calories, it also contains more calcium and phosphorus, which increases the fatty breakdown in the cells.

47. Avoid pizza , burger etc.

48. Drink water.

49. Try to add some cardio excercise in routine.

50. Go for walk at least 15 minutes.

I hope these 50 weight loss tips may lead you to get good shape. Adhering these tips, do not forget to consult your doctor .


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