These eight tips to eat healthy and lose weight will make your health better, you can prevent many diseases related to diet and, in addition, you will feel more positive. Don’t wait to put them into practice!

1. Start the day with water to eliminate toxins

Hydration is necessary for life. Water purifies, detoxifies the body and can also be satiating. If you drink two glasses of water before breakfast, you will help your body prepare for food intake and avoid obesity. You can repeat it before other meals because, according to the American Chemical Society (ACS) drinking water before eating helps you lose weight.

2. To eat healthy eat fruit very early

The key to a healthy diet to avoid being overweight is to consume at least five pieces of fruits and vegetables. These provide us with vitamins, fiber and minerals, essential to increase defenses, strengthen the immune system and maintain stable blood pressure. In addition, they are rich in antioxidants, substances that fight free radicals, responsible for aging and some diseases such as cancer.

3. Make two healthy snacks

One of the maxims of the balanced diet , and this was pointed out by one of the greats in healthy nutrition , Dr. Francisco Grande Covián , is to eat few amounts and at different times of the day. Snacks are ideal not to get too hungry to the main meals (lunch and dinner) and provide the body with the energy it needs to continue functioning. A good snack can consist of a fruit, a dairy and proteins. You can choose to take a homemade turkey or cheese sandwich to work without sauces or dressings that can increase caloric intake and a piece such as an apple.

4. To eat well, eat without haste

According to a study by the Laiko General Hospital in Athens, when eating slowly , hormones are secreted that help control hunger because they increase the feeling of fullness. On the contrary, by eating fast, these hormones are not released and you feel the need to eat more food and you run the risk of getting fat. On the other hand, it takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to send the signal to the brain that it is full, so that by eating slowly you have the possibility of stopping when you are adequately satisfied – not full – avoiding over-intake of food and Unpleasant feeling of heaviness.

5. Whenever you can, choose the most natural 

The beneficial effects of the nutrients of all products are the same. However, organic products have a great advantage, since they have up to 30 percent less pesticide contamination, according to a study by Stanford University . In addition, its organoleptic properties, that is, its smell and taste, are better and, due to culture methods, on a smaller scale and less invasive, respect for the environment is greater . In addition, more sustainable agriculture can also contribute to providing economic support for small farmers , according to FAO.

It is true that buying them costs more money. But if you have space, you can grow your own food. A home garden does not require a large outlay. You can build your own garden in very small spaces such as a roof terrace or terrace. The bottom line: sun, water and a land with good nutrients.

6. In your healthy diet, that fiber never fails 

Fiber nourishes, balances and cleanses the body. About 30 g of dietary fiber are recommended and it is impossible to acquire it only by taking a couple of fruits and a salad a day. That is why it is very important to combine and consume different resources of dietary fiber — found in cereals, fruits, vegetables, whole wheat pasta, etc. — and if necessary, combine them with supplements. Fiber can also help you lose weight without going hungry.

7. For dinner, better light menus

During the night, digestion is slower and energy expenditure is minimal. Eating more than due can cause the energy that the body no longer needs to be deposited in the form of fat so the risk of getting fat is greater. The most appropriate dinner for not gaining weight may consist of a defatted broth or a cream of vegetables, accompanied by a French-style tortilla, a water-boiled egg, white fish or two slices of fresh cheese seasoned with aromatic herbs. Try not to exceed 500 calories.

8. Before going to bed, take a relaxing drink

The studies indicate that restful sleep helps prevent weight gain. Therefore, to fall asleep nothing better than a drink that tempers the body and relaxes all senses. The most effective infusions in this regard are those of lime, chamomile, lemon balm or orange blossom. Hot milk with a tablespoon of pure cocoa can also help you sleep better since chocolate, in small quantities, is a perfect precursor to sleep.

Why eat healthy?

We are constantly bombarded by announcements and invitations that arouse the temptation to eat junk food. However, most of us want to eat healthy because we know that this  will help us to live with a better quality of life and will reduce the risk of getting sick .

Recent studies ensure that people who  eat well and increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables reduce their risk of dying from a disease by 40% , as indicated by this study by the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at University College London (United Kingdom) ). But in addition, healthy food based on local products helps improve the lives of small farmers and respect the environment, says FAO. 

Eating healthy does not require great efforts. You just have to follow very simple, effective and realistic habits. Soon you will see how your health improves and how you start losing weight in a healthy way.

Fulfill your goal of losing weight

As we can see, these are very simple steps that will help us to lose those extra kilosor maintain a healthy weight without too much effort, or count calories or undergo strict diets that can condition our health.

Enjoying an optimal weight is a guarantee of a good quality of life as it improves cardiovascular health, prevents type 2 diabetes and influences better self-esteem and sexual life. Therefore, it is worth changing habits and introducing those that can reduce unnecessary calories to the diet.

If you need more help, do not hesitate to consult with a nutritionist, go to a center where they offer activities and support groups and read our articles on motivation and diet.

How a healthy meal will help you

The healthy diet not only helps you maintain an optimal weight but your entire body will benefit. It can help you to:

  • Fight cancer like breast cancer.
  • Your skin will also improve. In fact, there are vitamins and minerals that significantly improve their appearance.
  • Eating healthy also keeps you in a better mood and will take away depression.


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