The epidemic of diabetes is growing faster among people all around the world. Researches, survey are being observed to get control over this disease.

Effective diet for diabetics
For diabetics, weight loss is a form of “medication”. The many researches prove that even losing a few pounds is an effective way to control your blood sugar (blood glucose) and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, losing weight is even more difficult when you are Type 2 diabetes. This is not for lack of will, but, too often, diets do not work in diabetics because changes in metabolism caused by problems with blood glucose can increase the appetite of the subject, slowing the elimination of fat and on the contrary promote the accumulation of fat in the body.

New research shows a better way to lose weight and reduce insulin resistance: this is the concept of intermittent fasting. British researchers have created this revolutionary new diet that strictly limits calorie intake to two days a week, but allows for larger servings the rest of the week. Women on this diet lost almost twice as much weight as those on a reduced calorie diet every day. In three months, participants reduced their insulin resistance by more than 25% during fast-free days, 8% more than women who were on a continuous diet.

Why does it work?
Such an approach counteracts the effects of so-called “diabesity”, the meeting point for glycemic problems and excess fat. A little overweight and a genetic tendency to metabolic problems can lead to a cascade of health problems, including hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, immune problems and hormonal imbalance. This accumulation of health problems is caused by our modern lifestyle that is out of sync with our genetic heritage. The researchers hypothesize that, because the human race has evolved in the alternation of abundance and famine, many of us have inherited “saving genes” that lead us to conserve energy (storage of fats) when calories are scarce, and to store energy (accumulation of more fats) when food is plentiful. Tens of thousands of years ago, human beings who were endowed with these saving genes were much more likely to survive and transmit these genes to future generations.

Eliminate fat and balance blood sugar levels
But now our body is facing food in abundance and there is no famine on the horizon! It has become incredibly difficult to keep a healthy weight. As soon as we take a little weight, the diabesity settles and it is almost impossible to prevent the scale from climbing. This excess fat also causes chronic inflammation. Fatty tissue contains immune molecules, cytokines, that respond to excess fat as if it were an infection. They set in motion a process that seems to diminish the body’s sensitivity to the key hormones insulin, which causes cells to absorb sugar that passes into the bloodstream; cortisol, or “stress hormone”; leptin and ghrelin, which regulate hunger and appetite. Researchers believe that intermittent fasting helps to reduce or control inflammation and normalize the functioning of key hormones. By reversing this metabolic imbalance, intermittent fasting seems to better control or prevent diabetes than any other diet.

How it works
When i got to know intermittent fasting, i quickly realized that it was a sensational discovery. You do not count carbohydrates, calories, fat grams or anything else – all you have to do is follow the food approach of “burning in power Two days a week and “feed” the rest of the time.

On days when you “burn in power,” you eat low calorie foods and carbs, including delicious soups, stir fries and homemade smoothies. You lose weight at top speed by eating only 650 calories these two days without feeling hungry, without cravings, thanks to three satisfying meals and a snack. This puts your metabolism into fat burn mode: fat cell size decreases, helping to reduce inflammation and insulin resistance. The other five days, you fuel (to use the image of the fire that consumes) your metabolism with 1500 calories per day of foods inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, which are known to reduce inflammation and neutralize insulin resistance.

This plan is superior to many other diets for diabetes since it decreases inflammation and promotes weight loss. Some strict no-carb diets require that you eliminate many foods that are good for your health, such as fruits, starchy vegetables and whole grains. A low carbohydrate diet makes you take many foods that can aggravate inflammation, such as red meat. And as for very low calorie diets, they cause a rebound effect, because your will can only hold a time.

To ensure the effectiveness of the 2-day Diabetes Diet (DD2), a test was conducted to observe people who were diabetic, prediabetic or at high risk of developing blood sugar problems. A woman lost 5.4 kg (12 lb) in three weeks, halving her risk of becoming a diabetic by following that 2 day approach. In another, fasting blood glucose decreased by 30% in six weeks. Our subjects lost an average of more than 3 kg (7 lbs) in less than three weeks. Losing 1 kg (2 lbs) lowers your risk of becoming diabetic. The day after the days of “burning in power”, I always got up early. Believe me, two days a week, it’s not difficult and it works! “


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