At the age of 50, you can observe a loss of muscle mass more and more visible. It is often accompanied by a tendency to take belly easily in humans. So it is thoughtful how to lose weight and remain in shape.

Taking belly at the age of 50, the reasons
When you get older, you see a loss of muscle mass that is called sarcopenia as early as age 30. This is intensifying after 50 years. Weight loss for men over 50 becomes challenging task in this case as metabolism slows down when they reach 40.

The latter is caused not only by aging but also by a certain lack of exercise in everyday life. Food is also often to be reviewed when you reach this age.

You must pay attention not only to your physical appearance but also to your health.

Age as a weight gain factor
When you are 50 years old, you are not doing the same exercise as when you were young. It is at the same time a matter of lessened physics but also of time dedicated to sports activity, which is often less important than before.

Aging is a major theme nowadays as it concerns us all. In addition, life expectancy increases considerably.

It is therefore important to know the best solutions to live healthy as long as possible. Aging in the best conditions takes into account the physical and the weight.

At age 50, your body is more or less weakened depending on the situation. Everyday activities like walking or climbing stairs can sometimes be tricky.

This phenomenon can lead to a significant decrease in exercise. In addition, osteoporosis makes your bones more fragile and your autonomy becomes less important at the same time.

The accumulation of fat on your stomach is linked on the one hand to a genetic predisposition but that’s not all. Indeed, other factors such as sedentary lifestyle and excess food have their share of responsibility.

However, rest assured, gaining weight and tummy at age 50 is not inevitable. Indeed, customized solutions tailored to your situation exist to overcome this problem.

Problems related to the intestines and digestion
No need to do endless series of abs. First and foremost, make sure your bowels are working properly. And yet, according to a study, about 90% of men do not think about this phenomenon.

It is very important to consider this problem. Indeed, you must prevent your intestines are inflated and they weigh too much on your abdominals.

It is therefore essential to adopt an adequate diet not to create inflammation. To do this, for example, practice a detox from time to time to do good to your body. It’s also a great way to renew your cells.

You can opt for a three-day detox based on a single fruit to purify your intestines. It’s also a way to restart on a good foundation.

After this short moment, do not hesitate to limit your consumption of animal protein. The consumption of dairy products and starchy foods should also be monitored, especially during your evening feeding. So your age will be proven just a number. Furthermore, weight loss for men over 50 can be possible if you take healthy measures to ensure your fitness.

Promote fruits, vegetables and whole grains to improve your transit. Be careful, to finish, some physical exercises like crunches tend to push your intestines down. Indeed, this accentuates the swelling of your belly, which represents the exact opposite of your goal.

You can work for example sheathing, as squats and deadlifts. These make your transverse muscle work and help you to tuck your stomach more easily.

External factors
There are many external factors that promote weight gain and belly fat in a 50-year-old man. Indeed, stress, fatigue or depression make you consume in a different way.

In addition, they often lead you to eat too much sugar or fat. This diet represents an immediate comfort of short duration. Indeed, the negative impact on your silhouette and your health are immediately felt.

To fight against these different factors, take control, rest, avoid drinking too much coffee. You can also opt for relaxing methods like meditation.

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It helps you focus on yourself, your goals and your well-being. Know that it is possible to call a professional to help you in this desire to overcome your personal problems.

As we have seen, the causes of belly eating at the age of 50 are diverse. But stay positive, it is possible to remedy it by following a regular and personalized program.

Practice regular physical activity
If you want to lose belly after age 50, you should put yours into it by doing regular physical activity of your choice.

Bodybuilding is often recommended in this case because it helps fight effectively against muscle wasting. Plus, it helps maintain optimal hormone levels in your body.

Finally, this sport helps draw your abs and you lose belly. Muscular exercise is not dangerous at any age.

However, we advise you above all to see your personal physician. It is important to see with him if the practice of a sport is contraindicated or not.

If the green light is issued, you just have to go on a daily basis. Do not hesitate to call on a sports coach who can be an important ally to find specific exercises for belly loss. Plus, it can help keep motivation intact throughout your fitness program.

If you have the time, do not hesitate to add to each of your sessions a jog or a brisk walk of 15 to 20 minutes. Indeed, it increases the amount of fat burned during the effort.

Diet adapted to belly loss at age 50
Let’s talk more specifically about your diet now. Your metabolism decreases, so you need fewer calories a day.

It is necessary to completely review your eating habits and bad eating habits in order to start on a healthier basis.

At age 50, if you make too much sugar in your blood, glucose is stored directly in your muscles and your lower abdomen. The sugar level is regulated by insulin, so you must lower it to reduce fat in your body.

To achieve this, favor foods with a low glycemic index. This is the case of certain proteins (fish, white meat or egg) or whole grains (rice, pasta and wheat).

Finally, pulses or fruits and vegetables in general are also essential. Forget about sweets, pastries, fatty meats or cheeses.

Prepared dishes and sodas are also far too sweet for you. You can eat Omega 3 that are good for your health. You will find them in fish and white meats.

Regarding alcohol, avoid consuming it because it promotes an increase in triglyceride levels. These lipids tend to come directly to your stomach.

However, remember to drink plenty of water to properly hydrate during the day and during exercise and to eliminate toxins.

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Our advice for an ideal diet
When trying to lose belly, sport is essential but also food. These two go together and are inseparable for the weight loss for men over 50.

However, we generally find that men tend to eat more than women and also faster, which has a long-term effect on the stomach.

In fact, by eating more than you spend, you end up storing fat more quickly and durably, especially in the abdominal belt.

In addition, good digestion also involves taking the time to eat, chew food and give our body time to assimilate properly.

If you take the time to eat, you greatly reduce the bloating and swelling of your belly.

Indeed, it is the accumulation of intestinal gas that plays on the poor digestion of food. Finally, you can fight against the phenomenon of constipation and thus promote a decrease in swelling of your belly by drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day and by promoting high fiber foods such as wholemeal bread, prunes, poultry figs or leeks. Weight loss for men over 50 necessitate healthful diet on proper time and adhering active life style.


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