Fitness chasing ways is not just limited to women but it has expanded its boundaries to men also. Contrary to earlier times men are more agile in their looks now a days. Whether you talk about skin or you see in matter of fitness men appears to be more conscious them selves in recent times. That’s why beauty industry has started covering men world ranging beauty product to fitness regime. To look prince charming or fitness idol appears to be sole aim of men now a days. Studies have shown parks to follow and considerable information that men must now to lose weight.


It should be known that in men, the muscular mass is much more developed than in the women. Indeed, men have 7 to 8 kg of muscle more, namely that on average 1 kg of muscle eliminates 18 kcal per day at rest! You will understand: they burn more calories daily than women, which allows them to lose weight faster. In addition, they tend to nibble less than their female counterparts. Unfair but very real!
In addition, men are gaining weight in the upper part of their body (stomach, chin, neck …). A man is considered overweight if his waist is between 94 and 102 cm. Beyond, he is obese and it’s time to go on a diet!
For this, and as for women, we must find a strong food balance to maintain physical and mental fitness. The goal is to reduce caloric intake while doing sports regularly. For men, champions of junk food, it is not easy but it is quite possible!


In order to balance your diet, it is advisable to combine during meals slow carbohydrates (cereals, potatoes …) with vegetable fats, proteins with vegetables, cereals with legumes (lentils, dried peas) , beans, soya …) or cereals with light proteins (egg, lean ham …). Attention, vegetarian or soup-based diets are to be banned for men because not quite consistent. Finally, you have to balance the meals according to the time of the day.


To start the day and get fit, have a good breakfast, this is not the time to go without! For example, you can eat a quarter of a baguette with butter, along with a hot sugar-free beverage, 100% pure juice and milk. If you want to start a more drastic diet, soy milk, cereals, honey, lean milk product and egg will be your allies.


At noon time, when your stomach cries famine, resist temptation and eat balanced! To you sandwiches without mayonnaise, with white meat and wholemeal bread. You can also combine meat with vegetables, yogurt and water. If you have time to cook, avoid simmering too fat dishes, favor cooking in foil, steam or wok. And if you can not go without sauce, think of the 0% white cheese and chives or lemon for a light sauce.


This is not the time to crack: the evening meal must be light so that your body stores fat during your sleep! You can eat fish, oilseeds (nuts, almonds …) and drink herbal tea. For the poor cooks, nothing prevents you from concocting a simple dish, light and fast: pasta with a sauce of fresh tomatoes and a little parmesan. If you feel like it, you can eat this meal up to 3 times a week.


It can not be repeated enough but the best way to lose weight is to play sports! If you start having a little belly or small love handles, this is the ideal solution. For this, nothing beats a good session of abdominals to find a flat stomach.
Sports like running, cycling, swimming, walking helps to lose weight effectly You have a choice! However, avoid bodybuilding because your fat will turn into muscle, the muscle is heavier than fat, you will not lose weight!
Finally, the keys to success are a regular practice, that is to say 2-3 hours of sports per week minimum. Arm yourself with courage, guaranteed result! 


Saying no to mouth watering meals is really very tough but you can easily make up for your frustration with the sport. Our advice to resist the temptation:
in case of craving between meals or if you are used to snacking, choose fruits, cereal bars or sources of protein such as ham.
during aperitifs, avoid alcohol as much as possible. Prefer surimi sticks or carrots with peanuts
reduce your consumption of bread and cheese that should only be present in one meal a day
eat fish in foil at least three times a week, it’s very good for diet and health!
drink plenty of water to avoid feeling hungry.

Different studies highlights that man shed weight faster then women.In the face of weight, men and women are not equal. This is confirmed by a study published in the journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism. A phenomenon that would have several explanations.

For the purpose of this research, researchers followed 2,000 overweight adults with prediabetes. For 8 weeks, participants followed a 800-calorie diet consisting of soups, milkshakes, tomatoes, cucumbers or lettuce. At the end of the eight weeks, 35% of men and women had normal glucose levels in their blood and no longer suffered from prediabetes. But researchers also found that men lost about 11.8 kg, while women lost only 10.2 kg. That’s not all: thanks to this diet, men have seen their health improve more than women. They showed a lower heart rate and less body fat. Their risk of developing diabetes and a metabolic syndrome had also decreased.

A Different Basic Metabolism!

How to explain this phenomenon ? Dr. Elisabeth Lowden, who did not participate in the study, gives the answer in the columns of Live Science. The specialist explains that thanks to their body composition, men generally have more muscles and a higher basic metabolism than women. They also tend to store fat around the waist. This fat, which is called visceral fat, surrounds the organs. During a diet, men lose this fat, which improves their basic metabolism and burns calories. Women, meanwhile, usually have more subcutaneous fat, especially in the thighs, buttocks and hips. During a diet, when they lose this fat, it does not have the same effect as in men, because this type of fat is not metabolically active.

Do not panic: even though men seem to benefit more from their weight loss, the researchers assure that women also find many benefits for their health! Weight is not one of the criteria that is spontaneously mentioned when we talk about gender equality. However, on this ground too, a certain injustice persists.

Women are Less Likely to be Overweight!

Men often decide to lose weight when their health comes in. Women worry about every kilo superfluous, or that appears to them as such, says Laurence Haurat, dietician and psychologist. However, thirty years after women, men begin to experience social pressure on their image and weight.

BMI Does Not Take into Account Differences in Morphology!

Although women are generally thinner, with a mean BMI (body mass index) lower than that of men, this index is rather to the advantage of men: “The BMI does not take into account the difference in morphology between men and women, explains Laurence Haurat. While the range is wide, but men are programmed to have a lower BMI, the same BMI in a woman and in a man sometimes hides differences in size. “

Socially Heavier Pounds to Wear For Women!

It will be said of a woman that she is fat; of a man, that he is well. The words alone betray him: a round hip weighs much heavier socially than a bead on the belly of a man! This disproportionate concern of women is real: half of women underweight (BMI less than 18.5) do not judge their weight too low.

“The fashion of dieting came in the 1970s. Today, some girls have grown up with mothers who have followed diets all their lives! says the dietician. Implicitly, the girl must preserve its capital seduction by paying attention to its weight. A boy, meanwhile, must eat well at the table, to “become strong”.We willingly teach women about self-control, and men … control everything else.


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