Lose weight to run faster?

Weight loss for runners sound strange as normally people go for weight loss via running. It is a fact that some of us has a sedentary life style unless we confront some diseases like overweight leading to health hazards. Anyhow there are some people who are athlete and agile participate in the games like running. For this they have to practice a lot to get ideal weight for best performance in race or competition.

Running is called to be best exercise for fat burning but excess of it without a break will lead you in fatigue. Studies show that runner should have moderate exercise schedule coupled with diet friendly intake to lose weight. Only this way they can get optimum results. Most important thing is to seek your health consultant advice at first as they may show right path to follow. Here i will tell you my own experience for weight loss. Weight loss is hard nut to crack but right dietitian advice coupled with your perseverance counts a lot.

I got to know about achievement when i weighed myself, i was surprised to see that i lost 5kg it is is a great day for me. It is all about eating in healthy ways accompanied by right workouts. My weight shedding helped in participating in race more efficiently and bringing a laurel for myself.

Theory for losing weight

Losing weight makes you run faster, it’s clear, you do not have to go down the road. Still, it takes weight to lose and do it the right way. A quick calculation allows, without going into detail, whether losing weight is dangerous or not. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated using the formula Weight / height.

I even find it sometimes dangerous linked to an intensive sport practice if we put the body in need of some essential elements of the sport … In short lose weight to run faster why not, but thoughtful please!

Here question arises that how much does one make to lose weight?

You can find everything on the internet (as often), but I decided to show you the figures of the American magazine Runner’s World that tend to prove that dropping even one or two pounds can have a big impact on the final result !

Weight Loss 10km Half Marathon Marathon
5 lbs (2.25 kg) 1’02 2’11 4’22
10 lbs (4.5 kg) 2’04 4’22 8’44
20 lbs (9 kg) 4’08 8’44 17’28

It is marvellous! To know that aforementioned details is quite effective for those who want to lose weight for running or lose weight by running.

It is said that practise makes things perfect. A well known saying but true in every field.

I lost 5kg in 9 months of my initial weight. My BMI was following right way. Besides, I think the best way to recognize a bad weight loss is still the sensations! I do not remember having a period of excessive fatigue this year. On the contrary, I feel much more fit, running like I have never run before! The performances got better.

I eat healthy nothing more coupled with sport, it’s already a lot. Many more vegetables than before, many more homemade healthful dishes, smaller portions of nuts. I’m always hungry, and I never deprive me of eating when my stomach hit my nerves I consume healthful meal. Beer, pizza, outings … It’s not every day, but when the opportunity arises, I do not shut my eyes and welcome that. I have to eat perfectly to run faster. That’s reality that i love to follow.

I am convinced that losing weight to run faster really works! I advise not to focus too much on it. Simply to focus on better eating every day in proper ways by avoiding sweetened processed meal. Moreover add nuts, yogurt, egg and plenty of water. All these things will trigger best results.

And for a little more info on the methods to lose weight thanks to the race, it’s here! So seek right schedule for weight loss for running ensuring your way to success.


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