Weight Loss Plan For Teens!

Obesity among people is increased over past few decades. It is quite miserable that health tendency has fallen among people. Not only adults are confronting obesity but teens are also facing same. Its all due to malnutrition and sedentary life followed by overweight people. Most miserable condition is seen among teens who are growing but in unhealthy ways facing many problems due to obesity and weight gain. It has to be stopped by driving them to right paths. Teenage that is the age of big change when kids started entering a realm where they confront physical mental changes.

Adolescence is a time of rapid growth, age of physical mental and social transition. Meeting all these changes creates stress among them. In this time teens are most likely to be seen active or some of them isolate themselves engaging themselves in cyber world keep sitting all time make them bulky. Some of them tried to be muscular therefore they adopt such food that will make them look like body builder avoiding healthy food. While making such attempts they put on weight. All these factor add fuel to serious health problems.

The epidemic of teens obesity is increasing worldwide so here question rises that how to make them lose weight. How to make them known what problems they are going to confront if they put on weights. This is something horrible as it is hard to patronize them. Undergoing age of transition teens find it hard to obey their elders.

So the main objective is not to make them lose weight but to stabilize their weight while they are growing. This can be more helpful if their parents or elders would be following a healthy life style to be fit and smart.

Actually this a time when they don’t want to take orders. They want attention so they go with flow. So its very important to see what sort of company they have. This is time when they want to say good bye to any authority they just give a ear to their heart and company. Some of them go for bad things as they do not want to be an outcaste. All of these things led them to unhealthy life style.

Endangering their health they consume sweetened processed food..sometimes they do not hesitate to go for alcohol. Here is time when they started falling a prey to obesity so they must be guided with care and love by elders. Awareness should b awakened among them by mixing up with them because in this age they do not take orders. Here parents role is very important as they if handle them with care can acquire good result for their weight loss. They must engage their teens with them in some sports, games and physical activity as their teens may not feel alone in getting their balanced weight according to their age. One more thing is very important, parents could help their teen to lose weight by removing TV from their bed room as it will help them to avoid sedentary life. Studies have showed some useful tips for losing weight for teens they are given below:

  • Calculate BMI for self scrutiny
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Avoid sweetened cereals and food
  • Avoid processed meat and junk food
  • Use Full fat milk
  • Consume fruit and vegetables
  • Get sound sleep
  • 1 hour physical activity daily
  • Brush or floss teeth
  • Consume beans, spinach, oats
  • Eat yogurt, blueberries

By following above tips they can loose weight.

Teens should be taught how to grow healthy by stacking healthful grocery like fruit veggies salmon etc. This is age when they need all nutritional food. Protein, calcium and fiber should also be added to their diet as they may not get weight.

They should be taught about their hunger and satiety levels. Adding to this parents role is very important as their friendly attitude can soothe their kids. They should spend active time with them by indulging them in games. It may help them a lot in losing their weight.

With increasing access to fast food and portion size more and more, teens are becoming overweight and obese themselves. This situation is tough to handle but they can be asked to look for diet that is dangerous and help to get weight. While searching material they would realize what the hell they are doing to their health. All of this may trigger good eating habits in them.

I think that teens should eat healthy and move while refusing fatigue and frustrations. With a restriction of intentional intake and consumption of energy through diet and exercise, both insulin and leptin levels decline and metabolic processes are triggered to return to original weight.

Teens can do virtually any kind of form of workout. Weight loss has never been easy, it takes effort and dedication, and it becomes a lot easier when there is this great dietary supplement.

A planned program, which combines physical exercise and balanced diet, is necessary to maintain healthy life.


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