Keeping an aim to lose weight before wedding is something really meaning full for a fitness conscious person. Losing weight and maintain it to death drive you to see fitness experts and dietitian etc. These all things drives you to lose weight and be fitness expert, Especially these all become considerable on wedding when each gender run to get fit in wedding costume. For this reason each gender love to adopt such ways that lead them to realm of fitness. Women or men both if somewhat bulky tries to be slim and smart to shine on their wedding days. Listening to their heart to be fit in nice dress they normally outline goals to ponder and some of these are given blow.

Losing weight before marriage, often a saving click

It is well known, all women want to be perfect “the most beautiful day of their lives”. It is for this purpose that our sports coaches intervene most of the time, in order to lose weight before the wedding. As if, just to amaze the assembly on the fateful day, they were aware of an overweight (probably harmful to their health for a long time), simply in order to have unforgettable photos. Sometimes, however, the needs are more localized, with the female population leaving nothing to chance that day. Six months before the date set, she wants to lose up to several tens of pounds. We usually get them to achieve this goal provided that they follow the tailor-made program concocted by their coach, both on food and sports. Their halves will also have to share their efforts to get into their costumes and be perfect in the eyes of their brides. The means to achieve this will remain similar in broad outline: sport and dietetics.

Lose weight quickly before your wedding thanks to the sport

Wedding weight loss

As an example, we recently had a client who wanted to lose between 20 and 25 pounds for her planned marriage six months later. We then put him in contact with one of our personal coaches specialized in HIIT, a high intensity fractional training. With 4 weekly sessions coupled with a protein diet, our client lost 22 kilograms. This event certainly boosted his motivation and allowed him to reach a goal unattainable until then. We are not necessarily supporters of the protein diet because over time, it is difficult to stick to it. We generally recommend a food rebalancing to promote regular weight loss and perennial. But in a case where the weight loss must be done quickly, a well-controlled protein diet coupled with intensive sports practice brings quick results and bluffing.

Endurance sports are also ideal. Exercise bike, running, rowing, elliptical, or cardio sports such as cardio-boxing. These activities require the body an effort that will force the body to use oxygen and glucose to work. The body will thus deplete its glucose stocks after about thirty minutes and will draw on its reserves of localized fat (buttocks and thighs for example) to provide your body with the energy necessary to continue to provide the effort .


Your body will not be able to burn what you have just eaten. Especially if you have already eaten your three meals of the day, you risk exceeding your daily caloric needs. Besides, not only at night for some. Refined carbohydrates such as white pasta or white rice are to be banned. Prefer complex carbohydrates such as wholegrain rice, lentils or quinoa. They will promote the synthesis of glycogen which is the fuel of muscles and effort in general.


Avoid meals after 8 pm But if you still have a little hunger after this time, choose foods with as few calories as possible.


Proper hydration is necessary because the water will increase your feeling of fullness and speed up your metabolism. Thanks to these effects, you will limit excess food and burn more fat.


To specifically refine your size, if only one exercise should be kept it would be sheathing. Indeed, the great right that one solicits by series of abs-crunch, is the muscle of the show. Also its usefulness is quite reduced, especially in a goal of weight loss or refinement of its size. Sheathing, it will solicit the obliques and the transverse. These two muscle groups will allow you to really change your figure if you practice it regularly. These so-called “postural” and “deep” muscles, roughly define the architecture of your bust and your figure. If you gain them, the obliques and the transverse will naturally make you “return” the belly and tone the lumbosacral area. You will be able to find a fine size to fit in your wedding dress.

For both genders, a postural work to be beautiful in their costumes

As in women, men who apply for sports coaching before marriage are 80% of the time for weight loss. To achieve this goal of thinning we will use the same methods as in women. But in our generation instagram, more and more people have a different goal, to be cut and stand up straight to “look good on the photos”. Indeed, a large part of the population suffers from bad posture. The main causes are usually bad daily habits as well as other factors such as sitting in the station or muscle wasting.

To stand upright, one must first seek to straighten one’s shoulders back. This requires forcing himself to bring his shoulder blades closer, while having low shoulders and relaxed to reduce tensions. Keeping the position will seem very difficult and embarrassing at first, but by forcing you a little it will soon become natural. The adoption of this position is not everything. It will also strengthen some muscles like your rhomboids. These muscles act as fixators of the scapula and allow to straighten the back while helping to lower the shoulders. If you practice alone, sports such as rowing, rowing or swimming will be excellent for improving your posture. If you do not have results, a personal trainer will allow you with targeted exercises to look great in your suit!

Get help and surprise yourself!

Fear of the injury, lack of motivation and therefore of regularity. You have never played sports, and you are completely overwhelmed when it comes to the methodology to be applied. It is never easy to resume a sporting activity alone, especially when you have a specific goal and a deadline like your wedding. Our results in weight loss are no longer to prove. A sport practice will allow you to clean up your lifestyle, to exceed you by pushing your limits. Do not be disgusted and get advice from a qualified professional. Applying to a sports coach at home can be the optimal solution to enable you to reach your goal quickly!

To optimize weight loss, a sports coach can give you nutritional advice. You can also use the advice of a dietitian and establish your plan of attack. You will also find lots of online tips like here. But nothing beats a tailor-made program!


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