Lose weight after 50 years: how to lose weight during menopause?

Why do we gain weight at menopause?

Menopause, that is, when the ovaries stop producing eggs and are not menstruating, usually happen between the ages of 45 and 55, although this age may vary from person to person. This physiological phenomenon is accompanied by physical signs (hot flashes, fatigue, night sweats, etc.) but also psychic and emotional (change of libido, etc.). But whoever says menopause also says, in many women, gaining weight. This is due to the hormonal change in the body that can change the appetite. But in reality, it is not the menopause itself that is responsible for weight gain, but rather the age, which tends to change the silhouette. Indeed, fats are distributed differently from 35 years, and tend to locate around the belly rather than on the hips or buttocks.

How to lose weight after 50 years?

As we have seen, some people, after menopause or around 50, tend to take some forms. But rest assured: whether at 20 or 50 years, it is quite possible to lose a few pounds that is considered superfluous with a slimming program to meet. Without the latter being too restrictive, so you can stick to it, you can call a nutritionist to establish a balance of your diet and consider a new diet adapted to your needs and your lifestyle, which evolve as you age. Similarly, it is quite possible to play sports after menopause. Just adapt the activities to your physical condition and find a sport that allows us to spend calories, without forcing too much on the muscles or the heart system, especially if you do not have a sporty profile.

Find a flat stomach after menopause

Some foods easily inflate the stomach, especially those that contain gluten and are heavy to digest: pizza, pasta, white bread, etc. Try to prioritize legumes with starchy foods or white flour preparation, often with less calories and better transit. Physical side, find a flat stomach through sheathing exercises. Even after 50 years, it is quite possible to strengthen your belly through a practice of hard work. For example, you can have a weekly program of short sports sessions, but several times a week, which will help you lose weight and redefine your body, especially your stomach. Target the exercises that work the lap belt first.

Sports activities to be preferred after 50 years

After 50 years, our muscles are no longer in the same condition as our 20 years. Our fitness is different too, and our abilities have gone down. In fact, getting into sport to lose weight is often more difficult at age 20 than at age 50. To get there, start slowly, listen to your body and speed up the pace only if you feel capable. You can turn to gentle activities such as gym, walking or cycling, which will make you spend calories without forcing or accelerating your heart rate. The whole thing is to practice a sport regularly and for several weeks, before you can feel the effort.

Review your diet and adapt to your age

As we grow older, our body changes. Our appetite also evolves: during childhood and adolescence, we need a lot of vitamins and trace elements to allow our body to use them for growth. On the other hand, when we approach old age, our nutritional needs are less important, especially if our level of physical activity drops. But we sometimes have trouble adapting our diet to these lifestyle changes. In fact, it is sometimes necessary to rebalance food after menopause, so that your meals are in line with your caloric needs. Ideally, eat light in the evening, do not nibble and wait to feel the first signs of hunger before sitting down to eat. Similarly, do not force yourself to eat at fixed times: sometimes we do not have the desire or the need to eat, especially if we remain inactive during the day.


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