Some people eat to live but some live to eat. Both kinds feel great in their circles. But second kind who live to eat also have many temptations and the obsession with fitness too. Eating in pleasure and balance is not always a small task. Weight loss without dieting becomes most questionable thing for such people who are not only foodies but also want to look smart.

The solution? Focus on healthy, nutritious, colorful … and appetizing foods. Goodbye dish bland and tasteless to keep the line: eat gourmet dishes without guilt, it is possible! Just fill up on highly tasty and low calorie recipes. Knowing that a sedentary person between 31 and 50 years old should consume an average of 2,350 calories per day for men and around 1,800 for women, we must be careful to find compromises to satisfy our appetite without falling into excess nor give in to the impulses of nibbling. No more deprivation and the famous “yoyo effect”: we adopt healthy eating habits without discarding the pleasure of good food.
Whether you want to lose weight or simply change your eating habits to eat healthier, here are 25 proven tips to fuel you with tantalizing food while cutting calories.

To skip a meal?

This is an action to avoid at all costs: skipping a meal could instead make you gain weight. When the body is deficient, it compensates by storing fat. In addition, being deprived of a meal, we risk to satisfy our hunger by nibbling. The solution: eat more often, but in small quantities. Eating between five to seven small meals a day would even promote weight loss, since the body secretes less insulin – a hormone that stores glucose – if it is satiated every four hours. But be careful: it does not mean to eat even if you are no longer hungry! Respect the signals that your body sends you: learn to listen to you.

Snacks: slimming allies

Do you feel like you’re still hungry? Take smaller portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner, while eating enough protein, and rely on satiating snacks between meals. The ideal combination to provide maximum energy to the body: carbohydrates and proteins (pita and hummus, fruit and yogurt, crackers and cheese, etc.). A winning duo that helps stabilize the appetite!

Protein meal

The consumption of protein at each meal is essential. Proteins help keep our muscles healthy, prevent age-related muscle loss, and facilitate weight loss and long-term maintenance. It is therefore important to consume enough protein every day. So weight loss may be ensured. Anyway, be sure to ingest a minimum of 15g of protein each meal (ideally 25 to 30g of protein) and about 5g for your snacks. Thus, you will be satisfied and will not want to nibble.

Listen to his satiety

Satiety is the feeling of not feeling hungry after a meal. It is she who avoids nibbling between meals and control our weight. Thus, it is important to listen to the signals of our body to avoid swallowing our meal without listening to our hunger. Here are three tips:

Eat slowly. We feel the satiety signal after several minutes. Take breaks between each bite.
Eat only when you are hungry. Before you succumb, take the time to ask yourself if you are really hungry.
Use smaller plates. The larger the plate, the more you tend to eat a large portion.
Come on hop! Let’s move!

It’s no secret that to lose weight, you need to combine healthy eating with exercise. If you consume more calories than needed to meet your daily needs, you will need to do a little more physical effort to spend extra calories. Simple actions such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator and walking during dinner time can make a noticeable difference in both physical and mental health.

Cold water, please!

A study from the University of Utah shows that those who drink between eight and twelve glasses of water each day benefit from a faster metabolism than those who drink only four. In addition, drinking cold water would stimulate metabolism by burning calories (through the process of regulating body temperature). So, think of drinking a big glass of cold water on awakening and hanging a bottle of water with you everywhere. A little trick to encourage you to drink more: add berries or citrus fruits.

Try to avoid liquid calories!

The temptation to consume soft drinks and energy drinks may be strong, but it is better to reserve these very sweet liquids on special occasions. Indeed, they quickly increase the number of calories ingested, especially since they consume very quickly without feeling satiety. For example, a 355 ml can of cola contains the equivalent of 50 ml (10 tsp) of sugar, while a 250 ml can of energy drink contains between 35 and 45 ml (7 at 9 teaspoons). So keep a check on this.

No sweets!

Weight loss without dieting is not possible. The best way to resist treats any time of the day: avoid buying them! Your pantry is full of chocolate cookies, potato chips and other treats? It will be easier to succumb to it. If you do not have any rich food to put in your mouth, it’s unlikely you’ll go out and buy some. You will see, a fruit or a yogurt will satisfy your hunger.

To watch his line does not mean to deprive himself of sweet treats! You just have to make the right choices. Rather than emptying a box of cookies, opt for dark chocolate. With its rich taste, you’ll be satisfied with one or two pieces – two pieces of 70% dark chocolate provide 104 calories. In addition, you will replace empty calories with antioxidants and minerals.

Well seasoned!

To avoid the addition of high-calorie sauces, flavor your seasoning dishes to choose from fresh or dried herbs, mixtures of spices, garlic, ginger, hot pepper … These extras will bring new touches of flavor and will satisfy your taste buds as well, less calories. Such dieting tip will help a lot in weight loss.

Dieting is the best way to lose weight fast … and get it back as fast! A drastic change in our habits and deprivation often give poor results. The solution: focus on small changes that will have a significant impact in the long term. For example, start by eliminating nibbling between 5 pm and 8 pm: this is the time of the day when these impulses are the most harmful for the line. By gradually integrating healthy habits into our daily lives, we come to adopt better behaviors, sometimes without realizing it! It’s the sum of small changes that makes the difference.

The apple, good to eat

You are greedy and always eat more than your hunger? Remember to bite an apple about 30 minutes before the meal. The reason: it contains a natural fiber, pectin, which swells in the stomach. Thus, you will be less hungry at the time of table and risk less to fall into exaggeration.

A study published in the American Journal Clinical Nutrition has shown that those who eat in their office absorb twice as many calories. Being distracted while eating lowers the body’s ability to process ingested calories. The same principle applies at home, in front of the TV or computer screens. So, it is important to take at least 15 minutes to eat by focusing on the food.

Did you know that this habit can be beneficial for the line? Indeed, chewing reduces the feeling of hunger. This is a great way to reduce the cravings for snacks between meals! And that’s not all: chewing gum allows you to spend energy – up to eleven calories a day – not counting less calories if you have not nibbled.

Keep the line with green tea

The reputation of the virtues of green tea is well established! But did you know that it also gives a boost to burn fat? Eating two to four cups of green tea a day would burn up to 50 calories! How? ‘Or’ What? Thanks to its composition in caffeine and catechins: the effect of caffeine, known to promote the elimination of fat, would be reinforced by that of catechins. These influence the distribution of fat, especially in the abdominal region. That’s a key drink for the line!

Keep a logbook

By noting everything you eat each day, you may be surprised to find everything you have eaten in a day! Perhaps you will even realize that your portions are more or less well balanced. Remember: the amount of protein should go into the palm of the hand, the starch should match the size of the fist and the vegetables should fit in two open palms.

Beneficial, the fish

Fish, rich in fiber and protein, act as an appetite suppressant. When consumed often, a decrease in appetite can be observed. Lean white fish such as bass, sole, halibut and seabream are low in calories, but fatter fish such as salmon also have their slimming properties: they are rich in omega-3, a good fat which prevents the storage of bad lipids and is easily burned by the body.

Full of calcium

A good reason to consume a glass of skim milk at the end of a meal? Studies at the University of Copenhagen show that calcium can reduce the amount of saturated fat absorbed by the body. Indeed, it would coat the fat molecules to promote their elimination in the intestine. Calcium supplements, however, do not have the same effect.

Think about supplements

Taking fish oil supplements combined with exercise would burn more fat. All aforementioned tips imparts that weight loss without dieting is not possible so enjoy healthy life by following tips.


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